Beaty Opens Its Doors!

“the exhibits and the lighting were really great !” 
“the explanations were awesome and really appreciated that the classifications were labelled”
“ really liked the  interactive learning process for my son”  




This past weekend the Beaty Biodiversity Museum opened its doors to around 800 enthusiastic museum-goers. Many comment cards were completed with very positive comments regarding the programming and  collections (see above). The Beaty Museum Director, Dr. Wayne Madison, gave presentations on the making of the Museum and his research in the Theatre.
 “We’d really love for people to fall in love with biodiversity and if that’s the only thing we do we’d consider ourselves a success, because biodiversity is just so amazing and if we’re going to protect it, people have got to love it,” said museum director Wayne Maddison. 
Over 50 volunteers participated in the opening, including many science and science grad students, and Biodiversity Research Center staff who engaged with visitors over the collections.

Hundreds of “ treasures hunts” exploring the collections were completed and  numerous whale buttons were handed out to

visitors, while donors Tricia and Ross Beaty and Dean of Science, Simon Peacock, attended the opening weekend festivities. The UBC Botanical Gardens had a info table and senior Gardens staff visited the Museum.
According to the Beaty, one of the best things was energy and life in the collections area as young and old  got turned on to the spectacular and  interesting biodiversity collections.

Beaty Biodiversity Museum Now Open!

Beaty Opening Weekend Celebration: October 16th and 17th, 2010
The University of British Columbia‘s rich biological collections are housed in the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, a new public museum dedicated to enhancing the public’s understanding and appreciation of biodiversity, and making the research conducted by the scientists of UBC’s Biodiversity Research Centre more accessible to the public. The Museum and the Research Centre are housed side-by-side in the new Beaty Biodiversity Centre building.
The treasure trove of Beaty Biodiversity Museum specimens and collections are finally being revealed to the public. Explore over 20,000 square feet of exhibits, enjoy a Family Biodiversity Treasure Hunt, and hear Wayne Maddison, director of the museum, speak on how we came to be–and how he discovered his

own passion for biodiversity.

The Beaty’s regular hours of operation will be:

Wednesday through Sunday*- 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Monday and Tuesday – closed for research

*CLOSED Thursday, October 21

Please visit the Beaty’s website for more information